Saturday, January 15, 2011

LB# 9 : Teaching with Dramatized Experiences

Why is it important to have a dramatic way in teaching?
As what is written in the book, having a dramatic teaching can make the students attracted, interested ad affected. It means that there is an impact on the student's part which is very important in teaching. Why? Because, if the students are interested, attracted and affected by the lesson being presented, the students most likely will not forget the lesson for it has an impact in their lives. 
What are the examples of these Dramatized Experiences in Teaching?
The examples that can be found in the book are the following: 
  • Formal Plays - portraying vividly important ideas about life. 
  • Pageants - community dramas based on local history.
  • Pantomime - conveying a story with body movements only. 
  • Tableau - a picture-like scene composed of people against a background. 
And the most commonly used is the Puppet which is very useful in a classroom because it is quite entertaining and can also improve the creativity of the students in the sense that they will be the makers of their own puppet and they will be ones to act as speakers and manipulators of the figures..

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